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KNX Cable, UL Compliance, 1000ft.

KNX cable, 20 AWG two conductor Shielded, Orange/Green plenum rated PVC jacket.

Suitable application: KNX installations, Sound, Audio, Security and Data communication.

2 wires for data and power, suitable for KNX installations.

1Home Bridge

πŸ“± A single sleek mobile app for all your KNX and IoT devices.

πŸ—£οΈ Voice control via Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant.

βš™οΈ Independence in managing your KNX & IoT automation.

⚑ The easiest setup on the market.

1Home Server for KNX/Loxone. Full integration with Apple Home, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, voice interfaces and Matter

It connects professional smart home systems such as KNX and Loxone to Apple Home, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings and other smart assistants and voice interfaces via a new open standard Matter (what is the Matter standard?).

  • Matter Bridge - Bring KNX to Apple Home, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings and other Matter compatible apps
  • KNX integration over KNX TP Bus and KNXnet/IP Tunneling
  • Incredibly quick setup with automatic device detection from ETS project file and automatic configuration validation
  • KNX IP interface with KNXnet/IP Tunnelling support
  • KNX (ETS) remote programming
  • Remote access
  • Logic module (coming in Q1 2024)
  • Matter accessories integration (coming later in 2024)

For detailed KNX integration related documentation, please see the KNX integration page.

KNX USB Interface 332 Stick

Enclosure in desktop version with external network cable – hardware-software solution for network management.

As the heart of a building automation project, DIVUS HEARTBEAT ensures security as well as stability and enables easy network setup and maintenance.

  • Integrated VoIP server;
  • VoIP call logging;
  • Three pre-configured and physically separated networks: DIVUS HOME, SECURE and INTERCOM;
  • Firewall protection of the HOME and SECURE networks from the external INTERCOM network;
  • DHCP and NTP server for the SECURE intranet;
  • Automated email reports;
  • Network scanning and diagnostic software with reporting;
  • Automatic creation of network topology diagrams;
  • Advanced information retrieval from connected DIVUS units;
  • Remote DIVUS-Support
  • HEARTBEAT Manager Slim quantity
KNX Keypad, Push Button, 2-3-4 Gang

Experience versatile control with the KNX Push Button Sensor, featuring 4/6/8 configurable buttons.

This multifunctional device supports essential functions including Switching, Dimming, RGB/RGBW Lighting, Color Temperature Control, Blinds, Scene Activation, Value Sending, Shift Register, Multiple Operations, Delay Mode, RTC (Real-Time Clock) Operation, and String Sending.

Additionally, it comes equipped with a built-in temperature sensor to monitor the ambient temperature and offers RGB indication for intuitive feedback. Elevate your smart home or office with this all-in-one solution.

The powerful software for your professional career. ETS Professional offers all the required functionalities to realize your home or building control project from start to finish.

  • Version: ETS6 Professional
  • License: Cloud version
  • Max. KNX devices: No limit

Purchase your licensed ETS6 Professional software directly from us.

Once your order is complete, we'll reach out for your my.knx.org account details to assign your cloud license.

It's a simple process - just connect to your myKNX account through ETS and link your license!

⬇️ Download DEMO version

KNX Starter KIT

Get started with KNX technology with our KNX Starter KIT.

This all-in-one kit includes

  • KNX power supply, 640mA
  • USB interface
  • Switching actuator, 8 fold
  • Universal dimmer actuator, 2 fold
  • Occupancy sensor
  • KNX Controller Touch & Pad, Metal, Black IPS capacitive touch panel & mechanical button
  • KNX cable, 30 ft.
  • ETS program pre-configured
  • Easily set up your home automation with our reliable and efficient KNX products.

All products are fully functional. Line products are UL listed.

Aidoo Pro Midea / Kaysun V6
Aidoo Pro Midea V5 Protocol By Airzone
Aidoo Pro Gree VRF
Aidoo Pro Gree U-Match R410A
Aidoo Pro Gree U-Match R32
Aidoo Pro Samsung NASA
Aidoo Pro Toshiba
Aidoo Pro Hisense 1x1
Aidoo Pro Hisense VRF
Aidoo Pro Hitachi Primairy
Aidoo Pro Control Wi-Fi Panasonic PACi by Airzone