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KNX Starter KIT
KNX Starter KIT
KNX Supply

KNX Starter KIT

Product SKU: KNX STARTER KIT v2403
UL Listed: Yes

Get started with KNX technology with our KNX Starter KIT.

This all-in-one kit includes

  • KNX power supply, 640mA
  • USB interface
  • Switching actuator, 8 fold
  • Universal dimmer actuator, 2 fold
  • Occupancy sensor
  • KNX Controller Touch & Pad, Metal, Black IPS capacitive touch panel & mechanical button
  • KNX cable, 30 ft.
  • ETS program pre-configured
  • Easily set up your home automation with our reliable and efficient KNX products.

All products are fully functional. Line products are UL listed.

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