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HEARTBEAT Manager Slim
HEARTBEAT Manager Slim

HEARTBEAT Manager Slim

Product SKU: DHB-Manager-slim

Enclosure in desktop version with external network cable – hardware-software solution for network management.

As the heart of a building automation project, DIVUS HEARTBEAT ensures security as well as stability and enables easy network setup and maintenance.

  • Integrated VoIP server;
  • VoIP call logging;
  • Three pre-configured and physically separated networks: DIVUS HOME, SECURE and INTERCOM;
  • Firewall protection of the HOME and SECURE networks from the external INTERCOM network;
  • DHCP and NTP server for the SECURE intranet;
  • Automated email reports;
  • Network scanning and diagnostic software with reporting;
  • Automatic creation of network topology diagrams;
  • Advanced information retrieval from connected DIVUS units;
  • Remote DIVUS-Support
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